Sunday, September 16, 2018

I want to apologize.
I have been absent from the bloggersphere for quite some time.  My family requires my attention and as much as I would like to continue posting on my blog on a regular basis it isn’t possible at this time.  
I recently received a comment on my blog that was negative about the Good Deeds Dress that was designed by my good friend Carisa from Elysium Patterns on that she designed over six years ago.
Link: Elysium Patterns

First and foremost I will not allow any negative posts that do not have any merit. Opinions without trying the pattern by sewing it will not be published.  If there is a true issue with fitting then I am happy to address it.

The fabric used in the examples on my blog is not something I would send to an area where there is not anything available other than hand washing.  Usually the recommended fabric when sewing dresses for this type of charity is cotton or cotton blend material however a cotton and polyester blend is also an option. This information comes from that donates dresses. They also ask to avoid buttons and zippers because they are not easy to repair. 

The Good Deeds Dress is designed to be loose and when a child holds her hands straight up the dress should slip on easily.  We added some ideas to the pattern like a sash in the back to make up for the looseness if needed.   

The size for this dress goes all the way up to size 12. That is American sizing and not the age 12. If puberty has started and the dress is too tight then we suggest that you try another design that would be more accommodating for the chest.

Link to photos on Craftsy of the Good Deeds Dress

All we wanted to do was to provide a free pattern for charity or for the individual who sews and would like to make a cute dress for their child, grandchild or friend. 

Thank you.

Rebecca and Carisa


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