Monday, June 22, 2009

A father's day remote control holder

I wanted to make something for my husband for Father's Day that was from the kids but also something he can use. He likes only utilitarian gifts so I had a challenge as to what I could make for him. Since we are always looking for the remote controls, I thought a remote control holder would be useful and I could put the kid's hand prints on it. I was very sure of myself that I could hand embroider the images but alas, my hand embroidering stinks. I had to scrap that and go for a double stitch on the sewing machine. I wanted the pillow to look nice and blend into our living room furniture. So I went for a subtle design. I made it out of some suede cloth scraps I had. It was easy to make and he loved it.

If there is any interest in a tutorial, I'd be happy to add one. This would make a nice birthday or anniversary gift as well.


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