Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A springtime applique

It is finally spring. I am grateful for the warm sun and longer days.  I am enjoying the smell of the iris blooms and the sight of all the blossoms in the garden.

It is just about time to start making summer skirts and dresses.  I have an applique for you in two sizes.  You can embellish with ribbons, hand embroidery and fabric.  Use your imagination. I would love to see what you come up with.

Here is an example made by my friend Stephanie.  She is talented in hand embroidery in addition to being extremely creative.

Isn't it cute?

Here is my version. Try not to laugh. I wanted to show how it can look with ribbons.  For those like me who are not good at hand embroidery, here's a simple way to add a little color and flair.  

Click Here for the PDF that you can print and use as a pattern.  You can use this on whatever you wish, but please be respectful of the designer and don't share the graphics or the PDF.  If someone wants to use the design, please direct them to this site to download it. Thank you and enjoy. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Printable Warm and Fuzzy Notes

I sometimes get caught up in the craziness of rushing the kids to school, making sure everyone is fed, dressed and alive.  I forget to slow down and remember what is important. My family and my friends complete me. For that I am grateful. I forget so often to stop and make sure they know that they make a difference in my life. 

I made these little cards to be printed off on card stock or regular paper.  They are small enough to slip into a pocket, lunch bag or drawer.  A nice surprise to discover and a reminder of what they mean to you.  The first page is in color and the second one is in black and white. There are three that are blank to fill in - perhaps to write a quick, encouraging note to the frazzled mom at the grocery store and slip into her bag.  You are welcome to print these off and use them but please do not share the PDF or the graphics. You can direct anyone who would like to use them to this site to download them.  Click here to download. Thank you and enjoy.


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